Hi Roger and Rutland South Rotary,


Thank you so much for dropping off the additional 600 masks this morning!!  The Rotary has donated a total of 1700 masks.  I can not express my appreciation enough!!!


Our customers have been very grateful.  A majority of our customers have been re-wearing their one-time masks so much that they have worn holes in them.  These masks will help them out tremendously.


We are distributing the masks in packs of 10 to each household.


One Mom shared that she has 3 kiddos in school and masks are costing her $10 every 3 days.  She said this would help out alot!!


Another Mom shared that she had used her last few dollars for gas so that she could come to The Cupboard for food.  She continued to say that she has had to choose between buying clean masks for the family, gas or food but not all three.  She was extremely grateful for the 2 packs of masks we were able to give her because of the Rotary's generosity!!!


We had a gentleman today that was wearing a mask with only 1 strap so he had to keep holding it in place.  The masks he received will go to good use!


Please thank everyone for me!!!


Rebekah Stephens  


Executive Director

Rutland Community Cupboard

65 River Street, Rutland, VT 05701