Another Happy Camper

Another Happy Camper
Congratulations to our Winners!
Grand Prize
Jaimee Kuhl
She took the Brand NEW Camper!
$1000 - Rick Lalancette
$500 - Bill Meub
$400 - Rob Parker
$300 - Steve Marcoux
$200 - Angelo & Lena Tedesco
$100 - Lee Nutting
Congratulations to our winners, and thank YOU for supporting the youth in Rutland County!
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Camper or Cash?

Camper or Cash - You Choose!
Brand-New 18' Bushwhacker Plus, Teardrop Travel Trailer
$8,500 CASH
To Purchase Ticket(s) with Credit/Debit Card
2nd Prize - $1,000 
3rd Prize - $500
4th Prize - $400
5th Prize - $300
6th Prize - $200
7th Prize - $100
We're at it again!  In lieu of our in-person raffle, we will be raffling off a brand-new, teardrop, towable CAMPER, or $8,500 in cold, hard, CASH!  Additional cash prizes to boot, and all for a great cause!
The Rutland South Rotary Club, with the help of our community and folks like you, raise money each year to support youth in Rutland County.  (See more details about our grants program below!)
We were fortunate enough to again partner with Dan Kearney, of Dan Kearney's RV Center, who has hooked us up AGAIN with a BRAND-NEW 18' Bushwhacker Plus Teardrop Travel Trailer.  This lightweight towable is fiberglass construction, clocking in at 2300 lbs. -- light enough to be towed by just about any vehicle.  This fully self-contained home-away-from-home sleeps 2-4 (you choose the model!) and contains a bathroom and shower, microwave, stove, refrigerator, and stereo.Whether you're a camper or glamper, taking vacation or stay-cation, this is the perfect, lightweight, compact trailer for you to enjoy with the family; or perhaps to even take a break from the family… 
Rutland South Rotary supports youth in Rutland County, with your help we'll continue to provide funding to ensure every child has the opportunity to learn and engage!
Limited Tickets Available (1) $100.     (2) $150.     (3) $200.   
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Unite for Ukraine

Click HERE to Donate
Or, mail us a check -- 100% goes to Ukraine Relief
Pay to the order of: Rutland South Rotary Club
Memo: Ukraine
PO Box 511
Rutland, VT 05702
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Unite for Ukraine 

Rutland South Rotary Unites for Ukraine 

Every night on the evening news we bear witness to the destruction, devastation and despair in the Ukraine. There has been a groundswell of support from organizations across the United States and globally to raise funds for Ukrainian relief. Among those who have rallied for this cause are Rotary Clubs in southern Vermont and southern New Hampshire. To date, Rotary District 7870 haveraised over $150,000 to support these efforts.  


Rutland South Rotary (RSR) Club is joining their Rotarian counterparts by having a “Unite with Ukraine” Coin Drop, Saturday, May 21, from 9am-1pm, on upper Merchants Row in Downtown Rutland. Rutland South Rotarians will be lining the street with buckets in hand to collect your donations. Please look for small Ukrainian flags and sandwich board signs strategically placed on the corners of Merchants Row, West and State Streets. In addition, Rutland South Rotarians will be passing out special cards with a QR code that will enable you to donate directly to Rutland Rotary South’s website to support Ukrainian relief. They will also have a table at the Rutland County Farmer’s Market displaying a large Ukrainian flag. This event will go on rain or shine. 


All funds raised from the coin drop will go to purchase medical equipment and treatment, shelter, and food for Ukrainian refugees. 


According to Rutland South Rotarian Carolyn Crowley Meub, “Many people want to make donations to help the refugees from war-torn Ukraine, but do not know where. They want to know that their contributions will be used for helping the refugees. 100% of the proceeds from Coin Drop will go support the needs of mostly displaced women and children.”


So, gather that loose change from your purse, behind the sofa cushions, or under the car mat, and bring it to Rutland South Rotary’s “Unite with Ukraine” Coin Drop, Saturday, May 21, 9am-1pm, on Upper Merchants Row, Downtown Rutland and at the Rutland County Farmer’s Market. This is your opportunity to contribute to a global effort in helping to lessen the suffering of Ukrainian Refugees.

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Happy Camper

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Service Above Self – He Profits Most Who Serves Best
Rutland, Vermont: After considerable hype, Rutland South Rotary Club finally raffled off their new 25’10’’ Riverside Retro Travel Trailer from Dan Kearney’s RV & Lightweight Towable on March 17. The lucky winner was Barbara Champine, from Florence, Vermont. 
“I heard about Rotary South’s fundraiser, had some extra cash, and was happy to buy a ticket for such a good cause”, said Barbara. “I never dreamed I would win.” 
Barbara is excited for her 9 nieces and nephews, plus 19 grandnieces and grandnephews to enjoy the camper. 
Rutland South Rotary also gave away 3 cash prizes. The winners were Eric Kaplan, $1500; Tina Greene, $1000, and Mike and Laurie Brochu, $500. 
The raffle raised $39,000 to benefit youth programs in Rutland County. 
Pictured in photo: L-R Back:  Roger Louiselle, Rutland South Rotary, Winner Barbara Champine, John Sanborn, Rutland South Rotary. Front: Barbara’s Grandniece, Anna Poremski and Grandnephew, Leland Poremski. 
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Open Letter from the Community Cupboard

Hi Roger and Rutland South Rotary,


Thank you so much for dropping off the additional 600 masks this morning!!  The Rotary has donated a total of 1700 masks.  I can not express my appreciation enough!!!


Our customers have been very grateful.  A majority of our customers have been re-wearing their one-time masks so much that they have worn holes in them.  These masks will help them out tremendously.


We are distributing the masks in packs of 10 to each household.


One Mom shared that she has 3 kiddos in school and masks are costing her $10 every 3 days.  She said this would help out alot!!


Another Mom shared that she had used her last few dollars for gas so that she could come to The Cupboard for food.  She continued to say that she has had to choose between buying clean masks for the family, gas or food but not all three.  She was extremely grateful for the 2 packs of masks we were able to give her because of the Rotary's generosity!!!


We had a gentleman today that was wearing a mask with only 1 strap so he had to keep holding it in place.  The masks he received will go to good use!


Please thank everyone for me!!!


Rebekah Stephens  


Executive Director

Rutland Community Cupboard

65 River Street, Rutland, VT 05701

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Rutland South Rotary Grant Program

In 2017 we transformed our scholarship program to a grants program, and since then we have invested over $50,000 in youth based programs throughout the Rutland community.  
Here are a few of the projects we've funded over the last few years:
$3,000 -- Teen Challenge
Funds were used to outfit a new women's facility for those seeking treatment for addiction
$4,360 -- Rutland County Parent Child Center
Funds were used to purchase child-sized furniture, tables, chairs, etc. and reusable cups, plates, and utensils
$500 -- Barstow
The purchase of various book series for 3rd grade classrooms
$1,650 -- Rutland Town, Pre-K
We purchased materials to build raised garden beds, as well as gardening tools, boots, and waterproof suits for students.  We also funded a playhouse/storage space for all the gear and tools.
$538 -- Rutland Town, 1st Grade
A teacher requested funds for small tables and chairs to allow kids to work together on learning and projects.
$750 -- Rutland High School
We purchased supplies for the mural at the entrance of the building, as well as benches for students to utilize.
$5,000 -- Mentor Connector
The Mentor Connector approached us looking to create an activity room at their new location.  We were able to purchase computers, tables, chairs, art and creative supplies, as well as sporting equipment. 
$432 -- Rutland Town School, 3rd Grade
Mrs. Morrison requested a world map rug, to allow a space for students to relax and learn the geography of the world!
$1350 -- RSVP
In collaboration with RRMC and their operation dolls project, we purchased materials to allow them to revive old toys and make them new again!
$4,845 -- Wonderfeet Kids Museum
Wonderfeet requested assistance with activities and stations such as Legos, tables, chairs, shelving, etc.
$1,500 -- Proctor High School
We funded the purchase of supplies for a STEAM/Career Room; computer, desks, chairs, printer, and other supplies
$495 -- Proctor Elementary School
Remember hatching chicks in school?  We helped the elementary school purchase incubators and chicks for kids to experience hatching baby chicks!
$4820 -- Rutland Free Library
After the renovation of the Fox Room, the Library was in need of an updated sound system.  We helped fund the purchase of the A/V equipment in the Fox Room.
$827 -- Rutland Town School, Grades 6-8
To enhance STEM learning, we purchased multiple pneumatic Lego sets, allowing students to build and program bots and other creative structures.
$1400 -- Proctor Elementary School
Proctor requested individual whiteboard tables to allow kids a surface to work, draw, and collaborate on.
$1200 -- Barstow Elementary School
We purchased multiple iPads for Barstow
$2352 -- RRMC for Rutland High School
In conjunction with the hospital, we purchased 8 Stop the Bleed kits to be installed throughout Rutland High School.  
$208 -- Rutland Town School, 5th Grade
To enhance student learning and focus we purchased a standing desk and benches
$2,550 -- Rutland Town School
Rutland Town School has revived the outdoor skating rink, and requested funds to purchase skates and other equipment for students to utilize in and outside of school hours.
$1,800 -- West Rutland Elementary
West Rutland approached us requesting a swing set for younger students to utilize during recess and outside of school hours.  We purchased the materials and helped install.
$1009 -- Northwest Elementary
As many students do not have access to "home ec" anymore, Northwest requested materials to create a portable cooking cart.  Students learn knife skills and cooking techniques, and enjoy their treats!
$520 -- Northwest Elementary
Storage boxes for the outdoor classroom built in the previous year.
$4,500 -- Wonderfeet Museum
Wonderfeet has created seasonal pop-up exhibits; we purchased the supplies for these various, monthly-quarterly exhibits.
$500 -- Rutland County Parent-Child Center
After purchasing reusable plates, bowls, and utensils, they needed somewhere to put them!  So we purchased storage cubbies for not just these items, but toys and books too!
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Rutland South Rotary Raffle - COVID Edition!

WIN this Beautiful, BRAND-NEW Camper!
2nd Prize $1,500
3rd $1,000
4th $500
To Purchase a Ticket by Credit/Debit Card, CLICK HERE!
To take a tour click here!

This year, in lieu of our in-person raffle, the Rutland South Rotary Club will be raffling off a BRAND-NEW CAMPER!  This will not replace our beloved raffle and fundraiser, which we will reinstate once it is safe to do so.  In the spirit of Rotary, and being "People of Action", we're taking this opportunity to try something new, and hopefully raise some much-needed funds for the youth in our community!  We were lucky enough to partner with a long-time friend of Rotary, Dan Kearney of Dan Kearney's RV and Lightweight Towables, who has hooked us up with a BRAND NEW, 25'10" Riverside Retro travel trailer.  This is a lightweight, half-ton towable, with an MSRP of $33,500.  It sleeps four, is fully self-contained with a full-size bathroom, gas/electric refrigerator, microwave, and queen bed.  In addition to the interior features, there are outdoor conveniences too, including a shower, awning with stabilizers, and outdoor speakers for your favorite tunes!  Whether you're a camper or glamper, taking vacation or stay-cation, this is the perfect, lightweight, compact trailer for you to enjoy with the family; or perhaps to even take a break from the family… 

The Rutland South Rotary Club supports the youth in our community, and with your help, we'll help ensure every child has the same opportunities to learn and engage, whether learning in school or remotely. 

Tickets will be available soon!  For $100, you can WIN BIG with this compact travel trailer!  But wait! There are cash prizes too; we'll also be giving away a 2nd prize of $1,500, 3rd prize of $1,000, and 4th prize of $500 CASH!  A limited number of tickets will be sold, and the drawing will take place March 17th, 2021--St. Patty's Day! 

To purchase a ticket online, using your credit or debit card, click here!

To take a tour, click here! To view more photos of this beautiful home away from home, click here!  For questions, or to set up a tour, feel free to reach out to our resident camper-guru,

Roger Louiselle, at 802-236-7713.

To read our recent publicity in the Rutland Herald, click here!

To read our recent publicity in the Mountain Times, click here!


**Winner must take possession and complete necessary paperwork for the transfer of RV within 15 days of drawing.  RV is FOB Rutland, VT.  Winner is responsible for all applicable taxes, title, and registration; subject to all applicable laws for charitable raffles.  



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Rutland South Rotary Grant Program

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For over 35 years, the Rutland South Rotary Club has awarded close to $400,000 to over 400 students. Going forward our club has made the exciting decision to expand the program away from being a strictly scholarship plan to a grant program. Our hope is that we will be able to impact many more people annually when compared to 11 or 12 students per year.
The primary focus of this program is helping to fund projects and activities that benefit the youth of this area. It is anticipated that grants will be between $1,000 to $5,000 each. Awards will be made throughout the year and applications will be reviewed on a regular basis.
Look for the grant application on this page below.
Rutland South Rotary
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